Engine Dyno & Rolling Road

Mass Racing has our own inhouse engine dynomometer and rolling road.


Mass Racing have both an inhouse rolling road and engine dyno facility to fine tune, troubleshoot and optimise a car engines performance. Our skilled technications know how to get the most from our engine builds and ensure top on the road or track performance from your powerplant.

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Engine Dyno

As of the leading UK engine builders for both classic and classic racing engines, Mass Racing has our own engine dyno facility. An engine dynamometer, or “dyno” for short, is a so[histicated device for measuring force, moment of force (torque), or engine power – calculated by simultaneously measuring torque and rotational speed (rpm).

Mass Racing use en egine dyno to determine the power output of an engine follwing a rebuild or the effects of upgrades.

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Rolling Road

A rolling road is a useful piece of machinery, which Mass Racing use, on which the wheels of a vehicle can roll in order to test how well the vehicle works under simulated road conditions. The car is placed on the rolling and secured with the driving wheels on a roller in the floor, the engine is placed then under load as it drives through the gears – the output of which is measured to determine the engine performance and power output.

The Mass Racing engineers can then use the output graphs of the engine performance for Torque and Horse Power to determine results of upgrades or optimisations required.

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Engine Work



The prestige and proud heritage surrounding the leaping cat with engine builds to match.

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All classic & racing permutations engine builds. 



Duratec, Crossflow, Zetec and all classic & racing permutations engine builds.



Engine builds and support for rare classic and vintage racing and high performance cars.

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Other Services

We also offer other specialist engine related services for high performance.

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Engine Building

HIgh performance engine builds and restoration for varied marques.

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